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Simon Cowell hires therapist for his dogs

SIMON Cowell has hired a therapist for his dogs, Squiddly and Diddly, because they have become his pride and joy.

The music mogul and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman - with who he is expecting his first child - recently adopted puppies Squiddly and Diddly and the two pooches are enjoying the lavish perks of his wealthy ways, including regular visits to a spa.

A source said: "Simon takes the pups to a pet spa once a fortnight for doggy pedicures and massages and they even have a therapist who promises 'zen dog happiness'."

The pet pooches have their own bedroom, which is furnished with a king-sized bed and a specially-commissioned sofa.

Speaking to Grazia magazine, the source explained: "Simon is a massive animal lover and the puppies have become his pride and joy. It was Lauren's idea to get them so they could practice before the baby arrives.

"They're spoilt rotten! They sleep in a special king-sized bed on the very best cotton, eat and drink out of fine china bowls and follow a special organic diet. They drink bottled water and he treats them with T-bone steak once a week."