Border traffic at Tweed Heads.
Border traffic at Tweed Heads.

Simple idea that could solve border traffic nightmare

LOCAL passes should be made available for residents who live on the NSW-Queensland border, says Tweed MP Geoff Provest.

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Mr Provest has written to the Queensland Premier and the Queensland police minister to explain that the border rules were causing a "great deal of stress and inconvenience" for people living in the Tweed Shire.

"Residents of the Gold Coast and the Tweed Shire cross the border daily for work, for medical treatment, for education and to conduct business," he wrote.

Border traffic at Tweed Heads.
Border traffic at Tweed Heads.

"This region has been the most seriously inconvenienced by the border closures and although the permit system has recognised the special status of border residents, recent changes to this system as restrictions are eased, have residents confused and angry."

Mr Provest said rules around the border crossing should be simplified for Tweed Shire residents.

He is calling for an "L" pass to be introduced.

This pass would be for locals only and would not expire each week.

"This would also assist those older residents who are not computer literate and for whom getting a pass poses difficulties," Mr Provest said in his letter.

Border traffic at Tweed Heads.
Border traffic at Tweed Heads.

The newest border crossing at Ducat St/Miles Street at Kirra is also creating "severe problems" for NSW residents who are unable to leave or access their properties.

"As I understand it, this crossing was designed to free up local traffic and take the pressure off the Twin Towns crossing at Coolangatta/Tweed Heads," Mr Provest said.

"It worked well for 48 hours but then appeared as an alternative route on Google Maps and is now causing major headaches along Ducat Street and connected residential streets.

"As I write to you, heavy vehicles and caravans are using this street to avoid the highway border crossing points.

"The issues created by this additional crossing outweigh any benefits to local traffic.

"It has been suggested that this crossing be limited to local residents only, something that could be done if a Local Pass, as suggested above, was implemented."

Mr Provest also suggested a partial reopening of the border crossing at Tomewin, where Tomewin Mountain Road (Qld) and Tomewin Road (NSW) meet, should be considered.