IN CHARGE: Nicholas Scott is the new owner of Ipswich Skylights.
IN CHARGE: Nicholas Scott is the new owner of Ipswich Skylights. David Nielsen

Popular Ipswich family business enters next generation

IPSWICH Skylights provides lifestyle products and services with a level of ingenuity that sets them apart.

The diversity of products includes insulation, wood fires, roofing and gutters to name a few. With a recent change of guard, it is authentically a family business.

Brian Scott founded the business in 1988 and recently son Nicholas has taken over the day-to-day management and is a director of the company.

"Dad started out from a spare room in our home," Nicholas said.

"He was in the RAAF and he and mum wanted to stay in Ipswich, the only way to achieve this was to retire from the Air Force."

A jet mechanic, Brian Scott also became a roof plumber and established the business in the early days making basic skylights for colleagues.

"He developed a lot from his own designs, he has a real eye for being able to see the application and working out a solution. He can make something out of nothing," Nicholas said.

"I grew up watching and learning from dad, I re-roofed our house when I was about 15, it is in my blood."

Nicholas worked as a labourer but decided to formalise his qualification attending TAFE to become a qualified roof plumber.

Ipswich Skylights continue to specialise in skylights.

Velux offer electric or manual controls for light and ventilation or the fixed light only skylight.

"Over the next few months we will have a range of skylights set up in store so customers can see them. The products today let the light in but not the heat," Nicholas said.

"We are selling luxury items that add to someone's lifestyle and comfort. The seasons are critical for us."

Ipswich Skylights also stocks and sells a range of wood fire products.

"Wood fires give a warm heat and much better than the dry heat from an air conditioner," Nicholas said.

"The heaters are triple skin fireplaces and have a slow combustion. They are environmentally friendly. We offer a flue and safety check, which is important to have done regularly."

Ipswich Skylights carry and supply as much Australian made product as they can. In the wood fire products they have the Keman range from Brisbane and Masport made in Sydney. Another popular product is the Canadian Osburn.

Home insulation is popular, especially as the mercury rises. Ipswich Skylights uses super safe cellulous fibre that is made from recycled paper.

They also have polyester batts.

"We use different batts for different situations, such as an application in an old Queenslander, we cannot pump in fibre because of the structure so we lay batts into the cavity," Nicholas said.

"Another way to keep the home cool is to install whirlybirds and they can assist with a range of products to suit all homes.

"Another way to keep the home cool is by installing an evaporator cooler, they use the Bribus brand air replacement system."

Ipswich Skylights also offers roof and gutter repairs, including small leak repair work, which they claim as their specialisation.

They also offer complete re-roofing where required.

Most recently Nicholas has been doing tests on reversing mould issues around eaves to great success.

This is something that he will be continuing to refine and offer as a service.

Nicholas paid tribute to his father, who retired two months ago from hands on work in the business.

He honoured him from his business acumen, for his creativity and commitment to the work.

"He has had 25 years in business and kept it going through some tough times. I certainly know there is a lot more pressure since I took it over and I think it is harder when it is a going concern because everything is running and you have to keep up with it," he said.

History is repeating itself with Nicholas's 11 year old son taking great interest in the business, "He reminds me of just how I was and it is great to have the three generations. Dad is still involved in other business ventures but after an accident he is not getting back onto roof and gutter work any more," he said.

Ipswich Skylights have a deep understanding and respect for the local community and seek to provide a quality service to the wider Ipswich area and today get jobs that take them around South East Queensland. They are the only outlet for Velux skylights in the region so that keeps them busy. A change of guard but the business is truly a local one through and through.

Visit or visit 65 Pine Mountain Road, North Ipswich, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 8am-12 noon. Phone 3201 5222.