Peter Slipper
Peter Slipper

Text messages will be evidence

UPDATE: DEFENCE lawyers in the Peter Slipper sexual harassment case have been granted permission to use text messages sent from the phone of the complainant James Ashby as evidence during Monday's hearing in the Sydney Federal Court.

In an abuse of process claim lodged last month, lawyers for Mr Slipper and the Commonwealth alleged Mr Ashby and his co-worker Karen Doane conspired with high-ranking members of Queensland's LNP to damage the Speaker's reputation.

They claimed much of the communication between those involved was via mobile phone.

On Friday, Judge Steven Rares ordered both parties, before Monday, to resolve the objections made by Mr Ashby's lawyers to particular messages being used in court.

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth DPP is yet to release a statement about the police investigation into the allegations made against the Speaker.

The AFP finalised its investigation and forwarded the file to the CDPP on Thursday.


EARLIER: Embattled Sunshine Coast politician Peter Slipper could face criminal charges for fraud against the Commonwealth after a three-month Federal Police investigation into his use of entitlements.

In a statement, the Australian Federal Police yesterday said it had "forwarded certain material" to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.

"The AFP has forwarded certain material to the Office of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions and is now in consultation with the CDPP to determine if any further action is required in relation to this matter," an AFP spokesman said.