The southbound speed camera at Ulmarra.
The southbound speed camera at Ulmarra. Adam Hourigan

SNAP! The speed camera that's captured $1m in six months

TWO speed cameras campaigned for by a NSW village on the Pacific Highway have proven the residents correct about the rampant speeding through the town with 6150 caught in the first six months.

However, the well signposted cameras in Ulmarra, north of Grafton, have delivered a surprise bonus for government coffers, with fines from the camera ticking over $1m in the six month period.

Figures obtained from the NSW Department of Revenue show that the current tally of fines up to June 1 is $1,288,137, which works out to slightly more than $7800 per day of operation.

The highest number of speeding offences detected was in January, with 1344 speeders detected. May was the first full month of operation where the number of speeders for the month dropped below 1000, with 924 drivers caught.

The most common offence detected by the speed camera was exceeding the marked limit of 50km/h by less than 10km/h, with 4113 of the 6150 caught detected.

While many may say that being caught for doing less than 60km/h may seem trite, figures from the Centre for Road Safety show the difference that a few kilometres per hour can make.

According to their statistics, if a car hits a pedestrian at 50 km/h the pedestrian is twice as likely to die than if the driver had been travelling at 40 km/h.

Their report also states that for every extra kilometre per hour of speed:

  • The stopping distance increases
  • The time to react and avoid a crash decreases
  • The impact of a crash is more severe on the vehicle, driver, passengers and pedestrians
  • There is more likelihood of serious injury or death

In addition, 1878 drivers were caught travelling between 10-20km/h over the limit, 135 between 20-30km/h over, 19, between 30-45km/h over and 5 detected travelling more than 45 km/h over the limit, or at nearly 100km/h through the village.

4723 offenders were detected travelling southbound out of the village, while 1427 were travelling north in to the village, where in addition to the three mandatory warning signs for the speed camera, a speed indicator is located.