Some local residents spotted a meteor over the Northern Rivers this week.
Some local residents spotted a meteor over the Northern Rivers this week.

'SO COOL': Massive green meteor put on a 'good show'

DID you see something strange in the sky on Monday night?

A number of Northern Rivers residents witnessed a large green meteor in the sky around 8pm, and it's sparked plenty of discussion.

On the Australian Meteor Reports Facebook page, Tim McMahon posted about it, saying he saw a "quite large, green meteor plunge vertically" at 8.20pm from his place near Armidale and that it put on a "good show".

"Quite something to see," he said.

Local residents quickly responded to say they had spotted it, too.

Ursula Kotwa: "Same, but looked kinda blue, was falling vertically. I'm in Ballina. We had cloud so it was dimmed but it was almost vertical."

Jessyanne Gloria Shields: "I was driving to Broadwater from Ballina and saw it, was so cool! I think I was near Pimlico and it looked green."

The meteor sighting was also discussed on local Facebook group, Lismore Connections.

Rod Evans posted: "Did anyone see a massive fireball burning over Lismore? I only saw the tail end of it, it went down in the NW. Probably a meteorite or space junk burning up."

Relle Domski replied: "Yes yes yes! Just told my hubby he said I was tripping lol, glad someone else saw it.

"It was really quick, probably three seconds. I reckon it was clear then changed colour to green."

Danielle Cleary wrote: "I was making a cup of tea and turned around and looked out the kitchen window and saw a bright yellow flash that went down over the ridge/hill line.

"I didn't see any green but that's not to say it wasn't."