Sofia Vergara gets US citizenship

SOFIA Vergara is now an American citizen.   The 42-year-old Colombian - who moved to the US in her 20s - passed the oral exam needed for naturalisation with flying colours and she felt very "emotional" afterwards.  

She said: "They make you [jump through hoops] because they have to make sure that you deserve to be part of the country.  

"The most interesting thing for me was, they give you like a hundred questions that you have to learn, and then they give you a quiz, like a test.  

"I got all questions perfect. Yes, all of them... I got all the questions!"  

"You know what? It's a very emotional moment for me. It took me a lot of time to get my residence even though I was working here for a long time."  

As well as the oral exam, the Modern Family' star - who has a 23-year-old son, Manolo, from a previous relationship and is dating actor Joe Manganiello - was also required to recite the Oath of Allegiance to align herself with the US and came up with a cunning way to ensure she passed that aspect too.  

She explained to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel: "You swear that you're going to fight for the United States... I'm ready!  

"They make you do the swear of the thing... It was easy because the swearing of the thing, you don't have to memorise or anything. You just repeat! I did it really fast so he didn't know if I was doing it right."