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Barnaby Joyce Allan Reinikka

Some of the most interesting Barnaby-isms

DEPUTY Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has somewhat of a reputation for handing out some interesting quotes, from the slightly confusing, to the downright hilarious.

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Let's take a look at some of his "Barnaby-isms":

1.Who could ever forget the saga surrounding Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's dogs? Barnaby was pretty fired up over the pups skipping quarantine:

"It's time that Pistol and Boo buggered off back to the United States … or we are going to have to euthanise them."

Barnaby Joyce got a bit fired up over Johnny Depp's dogs. BANG Showbiz

2. Back a few years ago, Barnaby said this when speaking of his daughters and the issue of same sex marriage:

"We know that the best protection for those girls is that they get themselves into a secure relationship with a loving husband and I want that to happen for them.

3. Then there was his interesting comparison between the Beatles and some actual beetles while discussing agricultural biosecurity:

"This is not the Fab Four, this is the terrible three, so let's try and track them down and kill them."

4. That time he slightly lost his cool when talking about his drought package:

"I've always said before the year's out, and it's going to happen before the year's out - and if it doesn't you can have another press conference and drag me backwards and forth through the prickles and kick the crap out of me."

5. When asked how the Coalition had performed in its first full calendar year in government:

He likened the first year of any new government to a "dog fight in a fog; where it's loud, noisy and furious and the targets are shadowy".

Ok then…

While donations to major political parties fell in 2014-2015, Clive Palmer injected almost $10 million into the Palmer United Party, including $5.9 million from the Queensland Nickel refinery.
Barnaby also made a few quips regarding Clive Palmer (pictured) Zach Hogg

6. There was the time he referred to minor parties like the Palmer United Party or independents as "not so much philosophies, they're cults".

7. Plus he slipped in this litter dig at PUP leader Clive Palmer:

"Clive's first responsibility as an MP should be to turn up to work - it's a job not a pedicure."