Something every motorist needs to read, and remember

THE ability to change a vehicle's tyre is a skill every motorist should have.

But, according to Grafton Bridgestone Select owner Scott Brereton, most of us only practice it when necessity demands.

Having a spare tyre that's in good condition and knowing where to locate your car's jack is a good start. But there are some steps you can follow to make changing a flat tyre easier - and safer.

1. First of all, loosen the wheel nuts while the tyre is still on the ground. Then, once you have begun to use the jack to raise the car, put the spare tyre under the axle of the affected wheel.

This is an important safety measure. It will ensure that if the jack should suddenly slip, the car will fall onto that tyre and not all the way to the ground.

2. Once you've got the flat tyre off, quickly remove the spare from underneath the axle and put the flat tyre in its place. Then you can safely put the spare on, being careful not to over-tighten the wheel nuts.

Mr Brereton said knowing how to safely change a flat tyre was "the responsibility of each and every driver".

"Flat tyres always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times and in the worst places. And there's not always help nearby," he said.

"Learning these few tips can make all the difference in terms of keeping it simple and, most importantly, safe."

Mr Brereton also recommended when you brought your flat tyre in for repair, the wheel nuts should be checked to ensure they haven't been over-tightened as this can have an impact on the balance of the wheel.