Michael Martin Jnr.
Michael Martin Jnr. Liana Turner

Son accused of murdering dad gives evidence in trial

MURDER accused Michael Phillip Martin took to the stand over his father's death in Murwillumbah in the Lismore Supreme Court.

Martin told the court he wanted to mend relations with his dad, Michael Anthony Martin, to help better his own mental health and said his family met with his 46-year-old father in February 2014 - two months before his alleged murder attempt in April and eventual death in June that year.

He told the court and jury his "obsessively jealous" wife at the time Candace Martin and their financial struggles formed the backdrop to meeting with his estranged father.

Juggling his "dream job" with Somerset Regional Council and caring then wife and their three children, two of which born about three months premature in 2012 and 2013, Martin Jnr said brought with on "enormous pressure".

During questioning from his barrister Gabriel Wendler, Martin Jnr said told the court the couple's mortgage had blown out to about $270,000 after an extra $50,000 was taken out for renovations.

As the sole income earner, Martin Jnr said he struggled to catch up on his mounting debt despite making regular payments.

And Martin Jnr said his wife didn't help with her "out of control spending" and making constant purchases for dresses and accessories on Ebay.

He claimed that his wife would threaten divorce and "throw her wedding ring" at him if Martin Jnr raised the issue of her spending.

Prior to Martin Jnr taking the stand, Mr Wendler told the jury in his opening address that Martin Jnr would also deny that a letter written to Candace was "a confession of the charges" as well as discuss his suicide attempts.

Martin Jnr's evidence is continuing this afternoon.