BYRON Bay has been revealed as one of Bachelorette Sophie Monk's favourite destinations in Australia.

In last night's episode, the bachelors were put to the test when they were asked share their perfect date with Sophie Monk, as part of a compatibility test.

Each contestant had to dress a mannequin as how they would like Sophie to appear on their perfect date.

The youngest bachelor, Apollo, 24, said his ideal date with the Sophie would be a picnic out at Byron with "a nice pizza, a couple of cold ciders and a bit of a boogie in the sand dunes".


Apollo Jackson with Sophie Monk on The Bachelorette.
Apollo Jackson with Sophie Monk on The Bachelorette.

While the host, Osher, explained the date to Sophie she responded with" "I love Byron and I love being on the beach".

After hearing all the dates Sophie had to pick one she thought was the least appealing.

"I'd have to say the Byron date only because I go to Byron all the time and I would like more adventure," Sophie said.

Apollo said he was a little disappointed not to make it to the next round.

"I thought my date wasn't too bad, until I saw the extravagance of all the other guys' dates, yeah I think mine ... sunk to the bottom," he said.

"To be completely honest, I love the beach and that's sort of my idea of a nice date."