Amelie and Lieka at the Nimbin Swimming Pool Olympic Games on January 27.
Amelie and Lieka at the Nimbin Swimming Pool Olympic Games on January 27.

Sorry Tokyo, Nimbin 2020 takes the cake

LISTEN up Tokyo, you’ll have to bring out the big guns at this year’s Olympics if you want to compete with Nimbin 2020.

Nimbin locals shared their appreciation for watersports, a free pool and endangered species at the Nimbin Swimming Pool Olympic Games on Monday.

In what has become an annual tradition on the Australia Day weekend, Friends of Nimbin Pool hosted a day of wacky events to raise funds for the pool.

A new event was added to the agenda this year in the wake of the bushfires which have decimated native animal populations across Australia.

Kids and the young at heart scoured the pool for animals made of stone in the inaugural save the endangered animals race.

The event followed the save the babies race - a statement on Australia’s treatment of refugees - where entrants rescued small, plastic dolls from the water.

While the serious political issues were raised, all in attendance were most intent of having fun.

The float event, for the more chilled competitor who doesn’t mind getting a bit wrinkly, is a version of sleeping lions in the pool. One of the winners was so convincing that onlookers had to check he hadn’t fallen asleep.

In another, more boisterous event, entrants mounted inflated crocodiles and raced across the pool. Their friends cheered them on by the pool playing bongos, the kazoo and maracas.

Winners were presented with trophies, lovingly handmade from recycled materials by Pauline O’Hern.

Friends of Nimbin Pool’s Sue Edmonds has been organising the Olympics since their inception in 2012.

“You’ve got to keep the pool in the public eye,” Ms Edmonds said.

“It’s a wonderful thing to have. It gets used all day long, especially during holidays.”

This year’s fundraiser will contribute to the cost of building another shade sail at the pool.

If you would like to make a donation, please email