A WOMAN'S VOICE: The talented trio I'm With Her.
A WOMAN'S VOICE: The talented trio I'm With Her. Contributed

Soul sisters will see you around for Bluesfest

2018 HAS shaped up to be a whirlwind for the women from American band I'm With Her.

Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz, and Aoife O'Donovan released their debut album, See You Around, back in February, only now having returned home to their families for a bit of a break before the New Year.

"It's been incredible. I'm on the road with my two best friends playing music we really believe in and really stand behind, so it's been great," O'Donovan explained.

Their upcoming performance at Bluesfest will be a first for the ladies, with O'Donovan being the only one to have been to Australia before.

"The other girls in the band have never been to Australia, so this will be their first trip," she said.

"It has been a bucket list thing for me forever.

"I've heard that it's the most incredible festival, so I'm really looking forward to it."

Having played as a solo artist at the Blue Mountains Folk Festival and Woodford Folk Festival a few years ago, O'Donovan knows what to expect from Australian audiences.

"I had so much fun," she said.

"The festival audiences were so ready to give new music a chance, which isn't usually the norm, especially for the American audiences."

With their unique sets mostly performed around a single microphone, the women from I'm With Her continue to leave a lasting impression on crowds.

"It offers something different to an audience than your typical, 'go to a show, and see a band,' where they do the thing they expect you to do."

Juggling her career and being a young Mum, O'Donovan said the past year had been an incredible journey.

"I can't say it hasn't been without its challenges, [but] I've been so grateful for it, and having a really supportive husband has also been awesome.

"For the most part it has been awesome and it's been great being able to expose my daughter to so much great music all the time."

With touring planned all the way up until June, I'm With Her will no doubt be continuing to make their mark well into 2019.