A South Grafton man has been sentenced to 28 months jail.
A South Grafton man has been sentenced to 28 months jail. Rob Williams

Man who threatened to cut partner into pieces jailed

A SOUTH Grafton man who threatened to stab his partner of 28 years and cut her into pieces over messages found on her mobile phone, has been sentenced to 28-months' jail.

Raymond Charles Gordon faced Grafton Local Court on Monday where he pleaded guilty to two charges of intimidation with intent to cause fear of harm.

The court heard the charges stemmed from two separate incidents on July 27 and August 1 at the residence the couple shared in South Grafton.

His solicitor, Michelle Herrmann, said her client had discovered a series of mobile phone messages on his partner's phone between her and another person.

The police facts said the messages occurred while Gordon was in jail for another matter between July 2017 and July 2018.

The messages amounted to flirting, but according to police, nothing came of it and the victim ceased contact with the person upon Gordon's release from jail.

In the early hours of July 27, Gordon began reading the messages on the phone to the victim.

One of the couple's six children heard the argument and told police Gordon had grabbed a knife, threatened to stab her and told her he should cut her into pieces.

He threw the knife away and continued the argument for a short time before going to bed.

Four days later Gordon confronted the victim in the kitchen of their house in the company of a daughter.

Gordon slammed the fridge door and threw objects around the house. He then began making violent threats including finding the victim's friend, chopping him up and then "coming back for you".

The threats so frightened her, she went to Grafton Police Station and made the complaints which led to charges.

Ms Herrmann tried to play down the seriousness of Gordon's behaviour, pointing out he had thrown away the knife. She said while Gordon had a bad criminal record, this was his first domestic violence case.

Magistrate Roger Prowse disagreed. He said Gordon had been on parole for firearms offences and the victim would have been worried he had the ability to carry out his threat.

He combined the sentences for both offences to a 28-month sentence, with a non-parole period of 11 months.