FAST LANE: The southbound speed camera at Ulmarra.
FAST LANE: The southbound speed camera at Ulmarra. Adam Hourigan

REVEALED: Worst speed trap by a country mile

THE speed camera at Ulmarra has been in operation for more than three months, but it seems drivers aren't taking the hint to slow down around the notorious corner of the village.  

Figures obtained by The Daily Examiner last month showed that more than 50 drivers per day were being caught by the speed camera, and updated figures reveal that the camera has become infamous.  

Figures from the NSW Department of Revenue show 2664 drivers have been found speeding in the southbound lane and fined since the start of January, making the it the second highest amount of fines issued by a camera in the state.

To make it worse, the top figure, of 3439 fines, was issued by the speed camera on the Eastern Distributor at Darlinghurst - one of the busiest roads in Sydney.  

The northbound lane at Ulmarra saw 716 fines issued since the start of the year, bringing the total of motorists fined to 3380.  

By comparison, the Woodburn speed cameras fined a total of 735 drivers in both directions in the same period, and in the village of Clunes, where locals fought like Ulmarra residents to obtain a speed camera for the village, just 80 fines were recorded in the period.  

Since the camera's installation in mid-December, it has generated almost $900,000 in revenue for the State Government.