Daniel Alan Barnes, 45, was convicted of assaulting his child's stepfather.
Daniel Alan Barnes, 45, was convicted of assaulting his child's stepfather.

Stepdad choked for hot sauce parenting tactic

A MAN choked his daughter's stepfather after the stepfather used hot chilli sauce in a bid to stop the girl from sucking her thumb.

Daniel Alan Barnes, 45, visited the Wurtulla home where his daughter lived on July 3 to find her yelling at her stepfather.

When he realised her thumb had been stuck in hot sauce he lashed out at the stepfather as six children watched on.

Police prosecutor Rebecca Lambert said Barnes grabbed the stepfather around the throat.

"There was a physical altercation which only ceased due to the intervention of witnesses," Senior Constable Lambert said.

"Once the defendant was ushered outside, rather than leaving, he's chosen to continue his course of behaviour.

"He's yelled obscenities towards the victim until the victim has exited the dwelling in an attempt to make him leave and at this time the defendant punched the victim with a closed fist a number of times causing the injuries which your honour has seen."

Sen Const Lambert said Barnes fell to the ground when the stepfather retaliated.

Magistrate Stephanie Tonkin said Barnes then got onto the stepfather's car and smashed the windscreen with a metal bar.

Barnes pleaded guilty at Caloundra Magistrates Court on Tuesday to assaults occasioning bodily harm, common assault, wilful damage and driving with a relevant drug in his system- an offence which occurred later on August 24.

Ms Tonkin said that while she didn't agree with the discipline tactic, Barnes's actions weren't appropriate.

She said Barnes had previously been in a lot of trouble with the law.

She recognised that Barnes was raised in a boys' home and said his children were suffering as a result of his "rotten childhood".

"The kids might be scared of you now because of what's happened," she said.

"Beating up the other guy and smashing the windscreen just all made you look like a bit of a nightmare …"

Barnes was given a suspended 12-month prison sentence and a 12-month Intensive Correction Order and ordered to pay $270 for the smashed windscreen.

His licence was disqualified for 12 months as he received his fourth drug driving conviction in three years.