Roxy promo video faces criticism for 'sexploitation'

Stephanie Gilmore video a storm in a teacup

KINGSCLIFF'S world champion surfer Stephanie Gilmore is expected to launch the Roxy Pro Biarritz in France today, after small swells delayed the event yesterday.

One foot surf at the Grand Plage of Biarritz meant the Association of Surfing Professionals head judge, tour manager and surfer's representatives were forced to make the call to delay the event by mid-afternoon.

"It was a tough day for everyone, swell forecast not looking that good and today being the strongest day forecasted," ASP head judge Dave Shipley said yesterday.

"We've really given everything we can as far as just the tide and waiting for the best possible conditions to run and it just hasn't come up with a moment that was good enough to create good fair competition for the three girls in each heat so we had to call it off at 3 o'clock and we'll be checking again tomorrow around 10:30am and we'll see what happens from there."

If Roxy and Steph can get more people to watch women's surfing then it's a good thing.

When competition commences, up first will be Stephanie Gilmore, Bianca Buitendag and and Silvana Lima.

All eyes will be on Gilmore after her controversial appearance in a raunchy video advertisement for the Roxy Pro earlier this week.

But Stephanie Gilmore's father Jeff Gilmore, from Kingscliff, told The Gold Coast Bulletin the negative attention the video received was a storm in a teacup and "laughable".

"I liked it. She's a little bit older now and knows exactly what she's doing," Mr Gilmore said.

"I was a bit annoyed at first but then I started to read a lot of the comments on different pages and a hell of a lot of people were just having a go at the others that were having a go at the video.

"If Roxy and Steph can get more people to watch women's surfing, then it's a good thing."

If you're keen to see Gilmore competing live at the Roxy Pro Biarritz head to