Farleigh Mill.
Farleigh Mill. Lee Constable

Stoppages slow run to end of Mackay Sugar crush

A LEAK in the main boiler has forced a week-long shutdown of Farleigh Mill.

"A low water trip of the Farleigh boilers resulted in a blackout," a Mackay Sugar spokesperson said. "Steam and water leaks were discovered in No 4 boiler that required a shutdown of the mill for repairs.

"The mill ceased crushing on Wednesday evening and as of yesterday (Tuesday) it had not yet recommenced crushing. Growers will be kept informed of progress of the repairs."

Availability at Marian was not as strong as expected this week, the spokesperson said.

"This was mainly due to unscheduled stops associated with the process end of the mill. The sugar system had to be shut down to repair the failed take up pulley on the wet sugar conveyor."

Repairs were also required on No 1 pan injection water pump suction and pan vacuum leaks were also fixed, the spokesperson said.

"A maintenance day was scheduled to address a number of problems impacting on availability.

"The evaporator stage was the rate limiting station at Racecourse this week and a 13-hour maintenance day was conducted with the major focus on chemical cleaning of the evaporators, arcing mill rollers, and the change out of No 1 mill underfeed roller sprocket.

"The failure of the VSD unit on the Primary Juice Pump also required a further stoppage to replace the unit."

Overall, Mackay Sugar recorded another decent week although throughput was impacted by the leak in the main boiler at Farleigh. Despite that, the PRS and reliability remained on budget.


Farleigh - 30,250

Marian - 82,858

Racecourse - 53,815

Total tonnes - 166,923

Total tonnes to date - 3,804,593

PRS week - 15.95

PRS year to date - 14.04