Jacinda is a contestant on The Bachelor Australia.
Jacinda is a contestant on The Bachelor Australia. Channel 10

Storm in a champagne flute? Jacinda leaves The Bachelor

A SERIES of Groundhog Day-themed dates backfired on Bachelor Sam Wood tonight.

Wood invited three bachelorettes - Jacinda, Bec and Ebru - on the same date, unbeknownst to the women at the time.

In the three dates, Wood hoped to gauge how the women handled a series of planned calamities like a flat tyre and an obnoxious waitress to learn more about them.

"I want to see which girls can have a laugh; the girls who can have a laugh with me but also can have a laugh at themselves," Wood said.

But learning that they went on the same date left all three women feeling betrayed.

Wood spent most of tonight's cocktail party explaining his intentions to the three women.

While he admitted to feeling an attraction to Bec, he said he was unsure of any romantic chemistry with Jacinda, who decided to leave the show.

 "It's about me and what I wanted… and what I never get," she said.

"I've got so many guy mates; I've got enough."

Wood bid farewell to the 33-year-old aerobics instructor privately, although the cameras were still rolling, calling off the usual rose ceremony.

Next week, Emily will have a one-on-one date with The Bachelor.