DARK CLOUDS: Rain and thunderstorms forecast for the Northern Rivers.
DARK CLOUDS: Rain and thunderstorms forecast for the Northern Rivers. inigofotografia

Stormy, cold and wet: 90mm of rain to drench Northern Rivers

THE Northern Rivers is experiencing a mixed bag of weather events this week, and now the sunny days have disappeared to make way for cold, wet conditions.

They've been few and far between this year, but according to the Bureau of Meteorology there is a chance of a thunderstorm for the region today.

BoM has also recorded apparent temperatures of 4.2C at Cape Byron at 10am (actual temperature 10.6C).

It follows on from a few cold mornings recently -- at 5.30am Saturday, it felt like 0.9C in Byron Bay.

The chilly weather follows the winter solstice, which marks the shortest day and longest night of the year.

A decent amount of rain is also forecast, with the potential for more than 90mm of rain forecast in some towns over the next few days.

Up to 40mm of rain is forecast for Byron Bay today, 20mm Tuesday and Wednesday and another 10mm on Thursday before tapering off.

Overnight temperatures for Byron Bay falling to between 9C and 12C with daytime temperatures reaching around 19C.

Similar rainfall totals are forecast for Ballina, which received 20mm of rain over the past 24 hours.

Rain totals of 20mm are forecast for Lismore today, with another 35mm possible until Thursday.

The Bureau of Meteorology said a high pressure system over southeast Australia will shift into the southern Tasman Sea today and continue to move slowly east over the next several days.

BoM said will generate showers east of The Divide, mostly along the northern half of the coast, and will maintain mostly southeast to southwesterly winds over the waters.

There is also a Marine Wind Warning in place for Byron Coast today.