Nimali Pathirana took this photo from a balcony, saying:
Nimali Pathirana took this photo from a balcony, saying: "Saw several red lights... attempted to get a photo".

Strange red lights ‘falling from the sky’ over Ballina

FLARES, fireworks, aliens, UFOs - what caused the bright red lights seen in Ballina last night?

Keira Lea posted on Ballina Information Exchange: "Did anyone see any bright red lights literally falling from the sky tonight? Thought it may have been somebody sending off flares from the river that's behind the farms at our place, but we couldn't find anyone. Not saying it wasn't flares though. There was about five or so that I saw."

Kahli Milner said her kids saw the lights too, and Kate Nestor saw them driving out of Ballina towards Alstonville.

At first, residents thoughts they might have been fireworks.

Aliens were also suggested (as a joke… we think), and Mitchell Williams wrote: "Oh please don't! I'm watching a documentary on UFO sightings."

But chatter quickly turned to the red lights being marine flares.

Scott Cowles wrote: "If you even think it's flares, you call the police ASAP. Even if they dismiss it. At least you know you've done your part. Many years ago at 1am I thought I saw a flare off Lighthouse Beach. Called the station and got fobbed off. Luckily, another boat saw it and called the Coast Guard. Turns out a yacht was heading for the rocks on North Wall."

Ryan Dunn revealed people were letting off flares at Faulks Park at West Ballina.

"Was talking to a mate who lives in Quays and saw them across the creek from his home," he said.

"Probably out of date and thought it would be a good idea to let them off.

"But really is a stupid idea."

Stacey Brooks confirmed it was people letting off flares off a pontoon on the Quays, and Leisa Grimwood said Marine Rescue attended.

Venessa Kotwa wrote: "I saw them, there was about eight. Some fell fast, some fell slowly."