Detectives called to investigate white powder in letters

IPSWICH detectives have been called in to investigate after letters containing a mysterious white powder were delivered to three separate addresses in Lowood and Churchable.

Several fire crews, along with police and ambulance, were called to houses at Ramsay Ct and Atkinson Dam Rd, Lowood on Monday afternoon, after residents reported receiving A4 envelopes in the mail that contained an unknown white powder.

A third such package was reported as being received at an address at Woton Rd, Churchable, about 8.20pm.

Firefighters called on a special scientific unit to take a sample of the powder and test it.

Preliminary results confirmed that the substance was not volatile, however police were yesterday unwilling to confirm the nature of the white powder.

The Queensland Times understands at least one of the envelopes was likely to have contained pancake mix, but this has not yet been confirmed. It is also believed that two of the people who received the packages were known to each other. Acting Inspector Laurie Shevlin said police were unable to comment on a possible motive for anyone sending the packages.

Investigations are continuing.