Nurses protest on Wharf street in Coolangatta.
Nurses protest on Wharf street in Coolangatta. Blainey Woodham

Strike days down in June quarter, says ABS

THE number of production days lost to strikes fell more than 30,000 during the June quarter this year, new figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed on Thursday.

While there were six more disputes in the June quarter (at 61) than March, the number of days of work lost to the workplace arguments fell.

Figures released showed there were 20,300 working days lost to disputes in the June quarter, down from 52,100 in the March quarter this year.

The building industry was again the biggest source of industrial disputes, accounting for 31% of days lost in the June quarter.

New South Wales and Victoria had the largest number of days lost to disputes during the June quarter, at 6600 and 6400 respectively.

Over the year ended June, there were 226 disputes, 18 more than the previous year.

But despite the rise in the number of disputes, they were largely shorter than the previous, with days lost at 208,000, down from 293,100 the previous year to June 2012.