'Stupid 18-year-old' had knife at train station

BORED and cheesed-off that his train was running late, would-be passenger Jamie Hemingway grabbed the attention of rail staff who saw him using a big knife to stab into a timber seat.

Police were called to Rosewood rail station at 5.40pm on Sunday.

Hemingway's behaviour was described in an Ipswich court by his lawyer as being that of "a stupid 18-year-old" who simply picked up a knife and played with it.

Jamie Patrick Hemingway, 18, a labourer from Woodridge, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court, to possession of a knife in a public place at Rosewood on July 29.

Police say that Queensland Rail staff saw a male holding a large knife and using it to stab the bench seat.

The knife had a 30cm blade and Hemingway used the point of the blade to tap into the seat.

Later telling police he was waiting for the train for an hour, become bored, and had earlier found the knife nearby.

Hemingway had apologised, saying he had not been thinking. Defence lawyer Allana Davie said Hemingway was not working as he and his girlfriend recently had a baby who both were caring for.

Ms Davie said Hemingway instructs he found the knife in a donation box with DVDs, and accidentally stabbed himself with it while looking into the box.

"He realises it was a stupid thing to do. He is young and already on a community service order," she said.

Magistrate David Shepherd said, in his view, it was a serious offence as to be carrying a knife in a public place at a train station caused some alarm.

"Why not leave it where it was found?" Mr Shepherd said.

 "He's a stupid 18-year-old and picked it up and played with it," said Ms Davie.

Hemingway agreed to complete a 60 hour unpaid community service work at Woodridge, saying he was at home as a new dad trying to get back on his feet.

Mr Shepherd made the community work order and did not record a conviction.