BIG PRIZE: Jacob Jolley has the chance tonight to win a return air ticket to America with a strong showing at Lismore tonight.
BIG PRIZE: Jacob Jolley has the chance tonight to win a return air ticket to America with a strong showing at Lismore tonight. Tony Powell

Super-fast track for speedway

DRIVERS can expect a super-fast track for tonight's grand final of the Wingless Sprintcar driver to America series at Castrol Edge Lismore Speedway.

Curator Tony Powell has spent all week working on the circuit to ensure a perfect surface is in place for what is the most important meeting of the season for the wingless sprintcar division.

Powell has had many years' experience preparing the Lismore showgound track and fighting the weather elements in his job to come up with a racing surface that pleases the competitors.

"We put in long hours on the track to get it right on the night but it becomes frustrating when heavy rain -sometimes late in the week, or even on race day - can potentially destroy a week's work,” Powell said.

"At least with the cooler weather we can now keep more moisture in the track surface, without the rain, and that's very important for the drivers in all of the divisions racing at the venue.”

"Sometimes when rain hits late in a week, it tends to make the track softer and that's when bumps in the surface can occur. If that happens, it's often a case of re-doing the track again to try and keep it smooth and is something I work at all the time.”

Powell says safety of the competitors is foremost in his mind.

"I always go to extra lengths to ensure the drivers not only have a smooth track to race on, but also a safe track without it becoming too slick and only offering just one lane.”

Tonight, everything comes together for the final of the Lismore Workers Club-Wingless Sprintcar Driver to America series.

The highlight of the night is the running of the 30-lap main event in which the winner walks away with a return air ticket to America.

"There's a lot on the line tonight for the wingless sprintcar drivers and the man who has led the points for the last half of the season, Jacob Jolley, is only one race away from winning the air ticket,” promoter David Lander said.

Jolley has been the form driver and will start from the head of the field in his bid to win the big prize after having dominated the series as point leader.

"It all comes down to me and one race,” Jolley said.

"While I am quietly confident, I know I have to still get the win and the opposition will be tough as everyone wants to win.”

Racing for AMCA nationals, production sedans, national four cylinder sedans, junior sedans and street stocks also will be featured. Racing starts at 5.30pm.