Super Hornets move up timetable for Evans Head bombing runs

SUPER Hornet flights over the Evans Head weapons range will begin an hour and a half earlier, under newly announced training times.

The Royal Australian Air Force announced the F/A-18F Super Hornets air to ground target runs would be moved to 10.30am instead of noon.

Officer Commanding 82 Wing, Group Captain Michael Gray, said the Air Force had raised the request at the recent Evans Head Air Weapons Range Community Advisory Panel meeting to discuss any potential impacts on the local community.

He said the earlier time would mean an extra training run could be scheduled into the same day, reducing the total number of days needed on the range.

"We took the opportunity to explain to the group why this change is very important for Air Force as it enables aircrew to operate more efficiently- we can conduct two waves per day, as opposed to one," he said.

"This increased efficiency should mean we use the range fewer days each year."

When the range is being used for live firing, red flags are erected along the boundary.

Warning signs are located on boat ramps from Yamba to Ballina.