The Mojosurf bus that was broken into at Flat Rock.
The Mojosurf bus that was broken into at Flat Rock. Contributed

Surfers' groundswell of anger

OPERATORS of Mojosurf - a school providing surfing lessons and camps - have had enough.

Break-ins to vehicles at Lennox Head and Flat Rock at Skennars Head have become so routine that surf school manager James McMillan is calling on the public for help.

Eighteen months ago a hydraulic door on the bus used to transport students from Byron Bay to surf spots was kicked in while the bus was parked at Flat Rock.

"Some low life broke in and took our stuff," Mr McMillan said.

The thieves stole the property of about 20 students, most of whom were backpackers, and a laptop belonging to the surf school.

This week, one of the instructors had the passenger-side window of his car smashed and his bag containing a wallet and a mobile phone stolen while parked at Lennox Head.

The campervan was one of about five vehicles to be broken into between Lennox and Flat Rock in the past 10 days, according to Mr McMillan.

Mr McMillan said he did not believe local surfers were responsible for the break-ins as the school did not conduct lessons in areas where locals surfed and the school had a good relationship with them.

The surf school now jams a metal bar behind the bus door so it can't be kicked in. All students are told to lock up their valuables at the school's headquarters in Byron before heading off for their lesson.

Mr McMillan said all Mojosurf instructors wore red t-shirts carrying the company's logo.

Anyone seen trying to gain entry to the school's bus who is not wearing a Mojosurf t-shirt should be reported to the police.

Police said there had been a spike in the number of car break-ins at Flat Rock over the past two weeks and police had stepped up patrols in response.

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.