Cedar and Stu Anderson with a western red cedar Flow Hive in the backyard of the Bee Inventive office near Byron Bay
Cedar and Stu Anderson with a western red cedar Flow Hive in the backyard of the Bee Inventive office near Byron Bay contributed

Sweet move for business with a conscience

A BYRON BAY company has taken the ethical leap to join thousands of others using their business as a force for good.

BeeInventive, the company behind the multiple award-winning "honey on tap" Flow Hive is now officially a Certified B Corporation - a global movement of businesses finding a balance between purpose and profit. Businesses with this stamp of approval are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment.

A love for the bees and the natural world had always been a significant part of the lives of the father-son inventing team behind flow Hive, Stuart and Cedar Anderson.

Cedar said a commitment to being ethical had always been part of the BeeInventive plan and B Corp's rigorous auditing and compliance process confirmed the company was already on the right track.

"After our rocketship start, we thought long and hard about all aspects of the business and saw the need for a set of ruling principles which holds companies - including us - to account for how they do business in the world," Mr Anderson said.

"Plan A is how a lot of business have operated in the past - make as much profit as you can and if you feel bad about the impact you're having, give a little bit of money away. Plan B is to make sure what you're doing day to day is having a positive impact on the world - we want to be part of Plan B."

Flow Hive is a honey harvesting system which allows for easy, fast extraction without the heavy lifting, mess and special equipment associated with conventional methods and positive purpose, intrinsic to Flow's core business. The ease of harvesting honey has inspired thousands of people to take up beekeeping. Since it's record-breaking crowdfunding phase in 2015, Flow has also become a prominent advocate for bees and other pollinators and a champion of responsible beekeeping which in and of itself delivers benefits to the planet.

BeeInventive joins almost 2600 companies across 150 industries in 60 countries with the B Corp accreditaion, including Stone & Wood, Koala Mattress, Ben & Jerry's, Danone UK and Canada and Patagonia.