Art & About Sydney.
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Sydney a living, breathing artwork

THE idea seemed simple enough, if 'simple' means transforming an entire city into a living, breathing artistic canvas, ever-changing and inspiring, with the greater intention of creating a living gallery on the streets of Sydney.

And you know what? Art & About Sydney did it.

Yup, they launched in 2002, and with every year since, the annual Art & About festival has gotten bigger, bolder and, erm ballsier.

In the process, the festival has changed the way many Sydneysiders think about their city. As Sydneysiders ourselves, the Lost At E Minor team is damn proud of the creative work that'll be on show this year.

The event kicked off with (fittingly) an almighty bang on September 23rd and continues to run until October 23. Celebrate the artistry of the city. We certainly will.

Some of the big Art & About events to get along to include:

  • The Banner Gallery - What If
  • Tsunami - Janet Echelman
  • Michael Landy: Acts of Kindness
  • Laneway Art
  • Happy Talk
  • Sydney's Contested Landscapes
  • Sydney Life
  • Little Sydney Lives
  • Unguarded moments
  • Out of the Box

More information on all these shows at Art & About Sydney

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