CASINO- BOUND: Radio hosts Dan Debuf and Maz Compton.
CASINO- BOUND: Radio hosts Dan Debuf and Maz Compton. Contributed

Sydney 2DayFM radio celeb wants Beef Week crown

CASINO'S Beef Week is a long way from the glamour of the Sydney radio scene.

But popular 2DayFM breakfast host Maz Compton is preparing to ditch the microphone and don her cowboy boots - she's been accepted as a wild card in the Beef Week Queen competition.


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It's not the first time she's had a shot at the crown.

Maz Compton
Maz Compton Contributed

Maz entered in 2006, while working for MTV, but had a "disappointing" loss.

"It was a lot of fun ... entering again this year was not exactly my idea, but I happened to mention it on air one day, and my excellent producing team and co-host (Dan Debuf) took it from there," she said. When asked if she was excited or nervous, Maz said: "A little of both, in equal measures.

"Having entered before, I know it's taken very seriously. There is no mucking around when it comes to Beef Week.

"But I am in it to win it, that's for sure."

Maz has been making the most of her contacts at 2DayFM and getting advice from some famous friends.

Yesterday she had singer Guy Sebastian on her breakfast show.

"He's the wild card entry for Eurovision, and I'm the wild card entry for the Beef Week competition, so it's pretty similar," she said. "Guy's advice was to say positive affirmations to get myself into a good headspace. I also got some tips from Rachael Finch, who was a runner up in Miss Universe."

Maz admitted she had "plenty of work to do" to get up to speed on her cattle breeds ahead of Saturday's event, but she's looking forward to the experience.

"I think (radio co-host) Dan has a vision for my hair and make-up," she said. "I haven't decided on an outfit yet ... it will definitely be a ball gown of sorts.

"I'm looking forward to meeting the other queen candidates and spending the day with them.

"I've also been told there's a Mr Beef Week, so I'll be getting a photo taken with him!"