Britt Smart on the move in the Sydney Uni Flames win over Bendigo Spirit. Pic: Geoff Tripp
Britt Smart on the move in the Sydney Uni Flames win over Bendigo Spirit. Pic: Geoff Tripp

11th time lucky! Sydney Flames end WNBL drought

THEIR worst start to a season is finally over but the body blows continue to rain on the beleaguered Sydney Uni Flames with news their star Opal is heading to the surgeon.

In the wake of snapping a 10-game losing run at home on Saturday night, coach Cheryl Chambers has confirmed her second player in sevens days will undergo surgery with Alex Bunton likely out for the remainder of the season.

Bunton will join fellow starter Alex Wilson on the sideline after a injury-ravaged season to forget for the former WNBL champions.

Bunton has been on and off the court trying to manage a knee which continually swells when she plays or trains and was absent when the Flames won their first game of the season with a 85-64 victory over Bendigo Spirit in Sydney on Saturday.

"No one could really agree what it was so she is booked in for surgery this week," coach Cheryl Chambers said

"There are floating bits and swelling of the knee so we need to find out what it is.

"I think it is doubtful she will see any more of the season though."

Chambers said there a huge sense of relief when the Flames finally pulled off their first win of the season with their 85-64 victory over Bendigo.

Britt Smart was outstanding for the Flames with 22 points, and seven assists, with Tahlia Tupaea, who missed four weeks of the WNBL with a concussion, chipping in 16 points and six assists and Sarah Graham and Belinda also finishing in double figures.

The 10-0 starts to the season was a club record for a Sydney team in the WNBL.

Prior to this season the worst start was when they went 5-0 in 1983 as the Bankstown Bruins.