SUPERSTAR Sylvester Stalloney allegedly forced a teenage girl into having sex with him and his bodyguard at a Las Vegas hotel more than three decades ago, according to a police report uncovered overnight.

The 16-year-old filed the report with Las Vegas police, alleging that Stallone and his bodyguard Michael "Mike" De Luca "intimidated" them into having sex with her at a hotel in 1986. The police report was first obtained by the Daily Mail. claims the 16-year-old said she had sex with Stallone and he asked De Luca to join them. The girl reportedly said she became "very uncomfortable" with the situation but felt she had "no choice".

De Luca then forced the teenager to perform oral sex on him before penetrating her, while Stallone made her give him oral sex, according to the police report.

Retired Las Vegas metro police department detective sergeant John Samolovitch, who was head of the sexual assault unit at the time, confirmed to "the copy of the police report is in fact a true copy of the original report".

After the incident, the teenager claimed to have been threatened by Stallone and De Luca who allegedly said "they would beat her head in" if she told anyone.

According to she told police she did not press charges against the two as she was "humiliated and ashamed", as well as being "scared".

Police spoke to the teenager after hotel employee called them to report that a friend of the victim said she needed advice on the matter.

Sylvester Stallone became a global superstar thanks to the Rocky franchise. Picture: Supplied
Sylvester Stallone became a global superstar thanks to the Rocky franchise. Picture: Supplied

When police spoke to the girl, she described the alleged assault to them.

She said she was staying at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel with family friends during the time that Stallone was filming Over the Top at the same hotel.

She told police she was introduced to the actor by his cousin and that he had complimented her on her "build".

"She indicated that if the sexual encounter had only been with Stallone, she would not pursue this matter, but due to the fact that Mike, the bodyguard became involved in the sexual incident, she didn't know what she wanted to do," the report says.

Stallone has yet to comment on the allegations.