SKY HIGH: NSW TAFE Wollongbar campus offers the only course in Aviation security in the state. Here security teacher Andrew Woodburn and aviation security teacher Julie Logan conduct a check on student Mark Wilson.
SKY HIGH: NSW TAFE Wollongbar campus offers the only course in Aviation security in the state. Here security teacher Andrew Woodburn and aviation security teacher Julie Logan conduct a check on student Mark Wilson. Alison Paterson

TAFE students aviation security course is a career high

IT'S a career with enormous growth and the leading training provider.

As extra scrutiny of passengers and luggage was implemented in key Australian airports on the weekend, Northern Rivers TAFE students are perfectly placed for a career in aviation security.

At NSW TAFE's Wollongbar campus, the students have access to a mocked up aircraft cabin, emergency equipment including a life raft and a full-size check in counter with access to visual recognition software, allowing trainees to learn how interpret colour x-rays of luggage in order to look for banned items including bombs.

NSW TAFE course coordinator, Aviation, Andrew Trease, said security is a concern for everyone in the industry, affecting virtually all areas of operation.

"TAFENSW Northern Region offers a broad suite of Aviation and security courses that give graduates the best knowledge and experience in this rapidly expanding industry,” he said.

"Security in Aviation and the general community is becoming increasingly important (and) Australia leads the way internationally in airport security.”

Mr Trease said the staff at Wollongbar TAFE make every effort to give their graduates the best training possible.

"Along with the our extensive, custom, simulated environments for screening, our cabin crew and ground crew aviation courses provide students with access to live airports for training experience and first hand exposure,” he said.

"We are very lucky to have access to both Ballina Byron Gateway and Lismore Regional Airports for our courses (and) this access is integral to the delivery of real training in the industry.”

In the six years the courses have been running, Mr Trease said the TAFENSW trainers are experts from the industry.

"They maintain industry currency by continuing to work in their respective areas of expertise and bringing that currency to the delivery,” he said.

"Our wide range of courses in the industry ensures that students achieve a well-rounded course including knowledge from other related fields of study.”

On graduation, the students have flown into industry-related careers, he said.

"Our graduates work for various employers across the country including Virgin Australia, Qantas, Qld Health, Sydney Airport, Ballina Airport, Tiger Airways and MSS security,” he said.

"Aviation security teacher Julie Logan will be a familiar face to anyone who has travelled from Ballina Byron Gateway Airport.

Ms Logan has decades of air travel industry experience, said she's proud to be part of the staff delivering what said are high quality courses.

And just like the diversity of passengers you'll find on an aircraft, the student mix is equally broad.

Aged from 17 years to late 50s, the cohort includes a high school student learnign to fly light aircraft, a former pilot, school leavers and mature people who have had more than one career behind them.

Trevor Webb,47, a former forklift champion said the demands of working at the Sydney Markets for years meant he wanted a less physically intense job, while ex-pilot Carina Restivo, 43, and Mark Wilson, 45, were looking for a job with lots of future opportunities.

Meanwhile, Sue Cheminant said after years of working as a fly-in fly-out chef at mine sites in Queensland, she was looking for a new career.

"I've been through so many security checks and some were good and some were awful,” she said.

Student Ben Baum said he could not wait to complete the certificate IV course and get out into the workplace.

"The career opportunities in aviation security are immense,” he said.

This course introduces you to the security measures and regulations you need to know to work responsibly in the industry. It also provides examples of practices you can apply in your workplace to identify and prevent potential security threats.

Meanwhile, graduate Melissa Strong now works with her former teachers at Ballina Byron Gateway Airport and often comes back to the classroom to assist.

Other related careers include: Aviation Screening Officer, Aviation Transport Protection Officer - Passenger Screener, Aviation Transport Protection Officer - Non-Passenger Screener, Cabin Crew, Baggage Handling, Customer Service, Aerodrome Operations Supervisor, Aviation Supervisor, Cabin Service Supervisor, Cargo Service Supervisor, Customer Service Supervisor and Ramp Operations Supervisor.

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