CINDY Draper hopes her obsession with tattoos will lead to a trip away to lay eyes on some of the nation's best skin art when she takes part in the Miss Ink Australia competition.

The 25-year-old Pittsworth mother has been accepted to compete in the Queensland final, to be held in Surfers Paradise on April 12.

"I was looking around and I saw it on Facebook and thought 'that's pretty cool'," Mrs Draper said.

She has 11 tattoos on her body, with the majority of them on her right arm.

Cindy Draper is competing in the Miss Ink Australia competition.
Cindy Draper is competing in the Miss Ink Australia competition. Bev Lacey

A quick calculation revealed those tattoos alone had cost about $2000.

"Ever since I was young I've had this obsession with them."

Getting her first ink at age 17 brought a strong reaction from her parents.

"They are pretty cool with it now, but at first it was a pretty big thing."

Her dad and husband Adrian are also extensively tattooed.

She was aware of the negative aspersions strangers would cast on her after noticing her tattoos.

"They are not really there for what other people think.

"They are there for my purpose."

Mrs Draper said she was excited about competing in the casual, swim and formal wear sections of the competition.

"They look for good role models as well, which is pretty cool.

"I just like seeing what other people's tattoos look like, really."

Two winners from the Queensland competition will go on to compete in the national final in Melbourne.