Teacher education scholarship available now

ANYONE with a passion for learning is being reminded by Lismore MP Thomas George that time is running out for the 2016 teacher education scholarships and other incentives.

Mr George said applications are available for more than 400 teacher education scholarships, cadetships, internships and incentive scholarships.

"These incentives benefit aspiring teachers and enable public schools to secure the best teachers to inspire future generations," Mr George said.

"All scholars, cadets and interns are guaranteed a permanent teaching position in a NSW public school when they successfully complete their studies."

Scholarships available until 18 September include:

  • 300 Teacher Education Scholarships available to HSC students, university students and career-change applicants training in areas of need; 
  • teach.Rural scholarships for HSC students willing to teach in rural and remote schools;
  • 25 cadetships for HSC students enrolling in teacher education studies who will work part-time in a NSW public school while studying;
  • 25 internships for teacher education students entering their final year of study; and
  • 40 Incentive Scholarships for final year students offering $2500 in the last semester of study and $1000 appointment allowance.

Full scholarship details are available at teach.nsw.edu.au.