Team helping fire victims seeks help after ‘gutless’ act


DANIEL Jones just "wants to build as many sheds as possible for bushfire-affected residents and says a recent gutless setback wont stop the Shed of Hope team anytime soon.

Recently, their Toyota Trooper which had just been generously donated by a member of the public, was stolen.

"We were just getting it ready for rego, to deck out and use as our main mobile toolbox for volunteer builders, but unfortunately about a week and a half ago, someone stole it and burnt it out on us," he said.

"We've notified the police, but it's burnt out so they can't get finger prints and no one saw anything."

He said the vehicle was parked at president and founder Greg Dollin's property in Tabulam.

"They tried to steal his car first but couldn't get it going so they stole the trooper. If anyone could be so kind as to generously donate us another 4wd truck, it would really help us."

If anyone knows anything, please contact Tabulam Police or crime stoppers.

With volunteers, Mr Jones erects a 6m by 2m shed complete with a water cube and sink for residents who have been "burnt-out" by devastating bushfires.

So far, the team have managed to build 21 sheds for people in Drake, Long Gully and Ewingar, but since Christmas, Mr Jones said they had been inundated with more than a hundred calls from people from all over the country wondering how they could get a shed.

"We've been receiving calls from south NSW, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria," he said.

"We are hoping get people keen to start shed of hope chapters in other areas," he said.

"Whether it's a group of mates who are builders, a social or sports club that's willing to get involved... we can go down and show them what we build and how we build them and go from there.

He said donation building materials were also needed as well as volunteers.

To donate contact Mr Jones on 0406 135 936 or through the group's Facebook page.

They are based out of the old rural hardware shed, on the main drag just before the Tabulam bridge and we are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Shed of Hope shed applications will be available from the Whiporie General Store or Coraki Post Office.