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TECH TALK: answers to the techie questions you want answered

EACH day I meet people looking for help and advice with their tech challenges.

Sometimes it is a simple 'how do I do something' question, sometimes it's a misbehaving device that insists on making life difficult for its owner, and then there's the confusion of change.

Whatever the problem might be, the answer is more often than not a simple one. Finding the answer that's right for you can be the hard part.

The aim of this column is to provide answers to those commonly asked questions, as well as choices and advice on topical tech issues affecting all of us.

It will be published once a month, so send your tech queries to the email at the end of the column.

NBN: Love it, hate it

DO WE believe the rumours, media and sales pitch?

For three sunny days last month, I was at Primex at the invitation of Activ8 and NBN, answering questions about the NBN rollout around the Northern Rivers.

There's so much confusion about what the NBN is, the changes it will make to our internet and phone services not to mention the apprehension about the quality of the service.

I don't know how many times someone's told me they 'can't get the NBN' only to find that this came from they're current internet service provider who can't deliver the type of NBN service they need.


  • If you have a street address, you will have access to the NBN (eventually).
  • Everyone can check their address on the NBN website.
  • The quality of the NBN service you get will depend largely on who you choose to sign-up with.
  • There are more than
  • 160 NBN service providers
  • to choose from and not all can supply all NBN
  • services.
  • If you're told that you can't get the NBN, ask why or go somewhere else.
  • You don't need a home phone number to get the NBN, but you can keep your existing phone number if you'd like.
  • Don't feel pressured to change to the NBN straight away; you have 18 months from the date of the NBN being available.

The NBN is a good thing but, like all other changes, sometimes there are problems. If you choose an NBN provider who is easy to talk to then you'll have a better chance of things going smoothly.

I'd love to hear your feedback or questions. Email techtalk@richmond