Telco congestion impacting critical 13 and 1800 numbers

WORKING from home has put extra strain on communication providers as several network carriers, including Telstra and Optus, experience Australia-wide congestion to calls and coverage.

Crucially, the disruption is impacting 13 and 1800 numbers, including 13HEALTH and various Centrelink and government services.

The relevant carriers are scrambling to improve connectivity across the country, as thousands attempt to contact necessary agencies for advice and help amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to both Telstra and Optus, all carrier's are promptly working together to normalise service.

In a statement from Telstra, a spokeswoman said there has already been some improvement to the networks.

"We are seeing a small amount of voice congestion across our networks due to the increased number of people working and studying from home," she said.

"At this stage it appears to mainly be impacting some 13/1800 calls between service providers.

"All providers are working collectively to address it, and we have already seen an improvement this afternoon."

Similarly, Optus said they are working with other carrier's to promptly rectify the issue, which poses no issues for calls made between the Optus network.



"Congestion on another carrier's network is causing some Optus customers to experience intermittent errors when connecting to mobile and fixed services on that network. All Optus to Optus calls have not been affected," an Optus spokesman said.

"We would like to assure our customers that this is a priority and we are working with the other carrier to normalise services.

"We sincerely apologise to customers for any inconvenience and thank them for their patience."

Callers are reminded to stay patient and, as always, to call triple-0 in an emergency.

Originally published as Telco congestion impacting critical 13 and 1800 numbers