Telstra is preparing for its next 5G upgrade on the Northern Rivers.
Telstra is preparing for its next 5G upgrade on the Northern Rivers.

Telstra unveils next 5G plans for the Northern Rivers

TELSTRA is preparing for its next upgrade to 5G on the Northern Rivers.

Wireless senior town planner at Downer, Matt Wood, wrote to Byron Shire Council on behalf of Telstra last month informing them of the telco's plans to upgrade its mobile phone base station at 8 Acacia St in Byron Bay.

The company is accepting comments on the proposal until 5pm Thursday, October 15.

Councillors voted in March this year on a moratorium on the installation of 5G infrastructure within the shire, but the local government has no effective power over whether or not such upgrades proceed.

That move arose from Telstra's attempt to upgrade its Mullumbimby tower to 5G; that work was put on hold after a number of protests.


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The letter from Downer will go before the council's planning meeting next Thursday, the same day final feedback on the proposal will be accepted.

In a report that will go before the meeting, the council's director of sustainable environment and economy, Shannon Burt, noted the council isn't the approving authority for the proposed upgrade.

"The proposal does not require development approval and consultation is being undertaken in accordance with the requirements of Section 7 of the Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment Code 2018,"Ms Burt said in the report.

"The existing site/base station works is considered to be a low impact facility in accordance with the Telecommunications (Low-impact Facilities) Determination 2018 or exempt development under the NSW State Environmental Planning Policy.

"As such the proposed upgrade does not require development approval."

5G technology has been raised at numerous council meetings in the past, in June and November last year and most recently in March, when the Mullumbimby tower was discussed.

In the report, Ms Burt said staff intended to "canvass" councillors' view on whether feedback should be submitted by the council.

In his letter, Mr Wood said the proposed upgrade would involve "reconfiguring and reusing existing panel antennas", removing three existing panel antennas and installing three new 5G panel antennas on the existing Telstra monopole.

The proposal also involves the upgrade of ancillary equipment.