Northern Rivers' worst car parking efforts highlighted

IT HAS been operating for only two weeks, but a Facebook site dedicated to highlighting the appalling parking practices of Northern Rivers' residents has attracted almost 3000 fans.

The administrator of Northern Rivers Crap Parkers has uploaded dozens of photos of cars parked diagonally across designated parking bays, in wheelchair areas, parallel to the kerb in 45-degree areas, way too close to other cars or just in bizarre locations.

The site offers the offending parkers an opportunity for redemption - if they see their car on the site and apologise for the appalling parking, their picture will be removed.

Anyone can upload their own photos on to the site, so there is no escape from the all-pervasive eye of the "crap parking police".

Users of the site have not been backward in coming forward with their comments and opinions about other people's parking. Most of it is humorous, some gets a little nasty and there's a little bit of finger pointing as well.

In relation to some dodgy parking in Conway Street, Lismore's Jefferey Morris asked: "What's the collective noun for a group of crap parkers?", and got the response "A Conway of crap parkers" from Jeremy Scott.

The administrator of the site declined to be interviewed, but would have to be happy with the way the site has taken off.

Rod Willis, who oversees Ballina Council's team of rangers, says they see all sorts of bizarre parking infringements.

Last year they issued 532 infringement notices, predominantly for overstaying.

He said rangers would not be using the site to pursue further parking infringements, but if there were particular areas where "dangerous or awful parking" was regularly happening, people should contact council, and the rangers might add that area to their regular patrols.