Terrifying 'surf rage' attack at North Coast beach

POLICE are continuing investigations into a serious "surf rage" incident at Broken Head, believing the offender may have been involved in similar incidents.

About 3pm on Wednesday, March 21, a woman was surfing at Broken Head when she and another woman both tried to paddle onto the same wave.

The victim told police the other woman became enraged, believing she had dropped in on her.

"The person of interest grabbed and yanked the victim's leg rope, which resulted in the victim falling off her board into the water," Tweed Byron Police District Inspector Bobbie Cullen said.

"The person of interest has thrown her surfboard at the victim, which the victim has been able to avoid.

"Fearing being assaulted, the victim placed her surfboard in front of her body shielding herself from the person of interest, who was screaming and yelling abuse at the victim.

"The person of interest grabbed the top of the victim's surfboard and began shaking it and trying to rip the board away."

The victim feared she would be punched and told the other woman to "calm down" and that she was calling police."

The woman moved away but continued to hurl abuse at the victim.

Insp Cullen said police has since become aware that the woman may have been involved in a similar surf rage incident.

She said police were investigating.