Natasha Zuvela at Maroochy Surf Club for Shine Business Women's S-Suite Conference. Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily
Natasha Zuvela at Maroochy Surf Club for Shine Business Women's S-Suite Conference. Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily

Terror and talent: TV star shares tips for video

FROM "terrified to talented", TV personality Natasha Zuvela's road to success was not a smooth one.

The former TV presenter has worked on every national television network on shows including Totally Wild and Good Morning Australia.

She also took over as Crocoseum host at Australia Zoo immediately after Steve Irwin's death.

Ms Zuvela shared her tips for success with a captive crowd at the Shine Business Women's Conference today.

Ms Zuvela said with 95 per cent of business owners attracting new customers after publishing a video, video marketing was a hot topic.

But she said most people - business owners and professionals included - found it terrifying to go in front of a camera.

Ms Zuvela said she had major struggles.

As a dyslexic schoolgirl, she was confronted early in life by the horrors of public speaking.

"I was absolutely terrible on video - I sucked to the point where in high school I couldn't read out loud to save my life," she said.

"I was humiliated … my teacher would ask me to stand up and read a couple of pages out loud, and I remember sitting there, palms sweaty and knees shaking.

"I knew that when I stood up in front of the class, it wasn't going to go well.

"I was right. They laughed at me because I stuttered, I stumbled and tripped over my words."

Ms Zuvela said she decided at that point that she was bad at public speaking, but the problem was she wanted to work in entertainment.

"How often do we stop ourselves doing something in life because we're afraid of being judged or laughed at?" she said.

"I truly believe that our greatest fears become our greatest treasures."

As a high school student she had a "defining moment", and decided not to let the laughter of her classmates get to her.

She ran for school council election, made many more speeches, and after finishing school pursued a career in entertainment.

She studied acting, hired actor Bille Brown as speech trainer, and did everything she could to make her dream of a career on TV come true.

She said failure began with believing one's fears.

Through her work coaching individual businesses she helps people identify their own and overcome them.

"I like to look at not just the surface fears but what the real reasons are behind why people are not taking their business to the next level using video," she said.

Ms Zuvela was one of five speakers at the Shine Business Women's S-Suite Conference today, which continues tomorrow at Maroochy Surf Club.

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