Jim's View: On Bowls Queensland staff cutbacks

THE announcement by Bowls Queensland chairman John Dawson of staff cutbacks and reorganisation that will save bowlers north of the border more than $400,000 a year must make our state body sit up and take notice.

It seems Bowls NSW's means of surviving is to maintain an army of administrative staff and make its affiliated members pay more. Some time back we ran a list of official Bowls NSW positions. There were more high-sounding positions than some struggling clubs have bowlers.

The outcry this year from zones throughout the state to a near 30% jump in state capitation fees should have made Bowls NSW get out the pruning knife and start saving money.

The Queensland chairman says his board's money-saving measures are not finished.

"There are further options for savings not associated with staff that the board is considering to significantly improve BQ's financial health going forward," he reported to his members.

Bowls NSW, instead of using its members as cash cows to be milked when needed, would gain more acceptance if it took a leaf out of Queensland's book.


Your View on My View:

AS USUAL you are correct with your views, this time on combating heat.

Has it ever occurred to any club that it is pretty hot in summer in our area?

So, why can't the clubs arrange bowls in the morning, particularly during the week?

From my knowledge of the game greenkeepers can have the greens prepared well before 9am. A game lasts about three and a half hours (except singles). So, as in golf why can't the people involved use a bit of nous and play according to the conditions?

With daylight saving, games can start at any time, really. And why not use a proper hat to prevent skin cancer?

Any nitwit who criticises you may not realise you have played the game for about 40 years. Keep up the good work, Jim.

Ray Kirkland

FOR years I have asked for bowlers to give their views on the game. Some, like the above, do. Any comments will appear in this space. There's no need to use the newspaper's other columns, hiding behind an email pseudonym and Australia as the address. - JB