January average rainfall Bureau of Meteorology.
January average rainfall Bureau of Meteorology.

THE BIG DRY: How rainfall totals in 2019 measure up

AS SKIES remain clear, level two water restrictions are being triggered across the region and hopes for rain are intensifying.

With 99 per cent of NSW in drought and no significant predicted rainfall, Richmond Valley Council is implementing level two restrictions in an attempt to preserve water resources from Friday January 25.

Level two water restrictions are triggered when the flow in the Richmond River has dropped significantly such that water has stopped flowing over the main portion of Jabour Weir, at Casino.

Sprinklers and fixed hoses, such as soaker hoses, are totally banned.

The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting the chance of a thunderstorm in the south in the afternoon and evening on Wednesday and inland on Thursday although the chance of rain for these days sits at 5 per cent.

According to the weather bureau heatwave conditions will escalate over the coming days as a high pressure system over the Tasman Sea remains dominant, preventing cold fronts from affecting the region and instead bringing hot conditions extending eastwards through NSW.

With barely a few drops of rain here and there Weather Zone has reported how 2019 compares to previous years of rainfall.

Byron Bay: Byron's average rainfall to January is 167mm (over 15.3 days), but the total for 2019 is 1.8mm collected over three days.

The total to this day last year was 51.6mm (over four days).

Lismore: Lismore has yet to see a drop of rain for 2019. To this day in 2018 four days of rain brought 59.2mm of rain.

Lismore's average January rainfall is 160mm (over 15 days).

Casino: On average Casino receives 144.5mm of rain over 12.4 days during the first month of the year but 2019 has yet to bring any.

This time last year 50.2mm fell over two days.

Ballina: Of all towns Ballina normally receives the most rainfall in January on average with 174.8mm (over 14.4 days) but has only seen 1mm of rain over three days in 2019.

The total to this day in 2018 was 69.8mm (over four days).