American band Here Come the Mummies at a 2019 show in Denver, Colorado.
American band Here Come the Mummies at a 2019 show in Denver, Colorado.

The controversial Bluesfest show that will ’melt your face’

AMERICAN funk band Here Come the Mummies play their shows dressed as mummies, and their lyrics are not particularly family friendly, and they are coming to Bluesfest 2020.

Their characteristic mummy outfits means that all 12 band members are anonymous, or ‘under wraps’ (pun intended).

According to their Wikipedia page, the band consists of various professional musicians based in Nashville, Tennessee.

There are rumoured to be several Grammy-award winners among the members, though this is difficult to verify, as the identities of band members are kept a mystery.

Members are believed to be under contract to various record labels, hiding their identities so as to prevent contract disputes while performing.

According to the band’s website, “Some say (the band was) cursed after deflowering a great Pharaoh’s daughter. Others claim they are reincarnated Grammy-Winning studio musicians. Regardless, HCTM’s mysterious personas, cunning song-craft, and unrelenting live show will bend your brain, and melt your face.”

The website also explains others believe the band “is the brainchild of sexy-man Scott Baio” (who played Chachi Arcola in Happy Days).

Being ‘undercover’ gives the American musicians the freedom to express their art with total impunity, hence they have released songs such as Carnal Carnival, Threeway on the Freeway, Shag Carpet, She Loves D*ck, Devil Better Run, She Parties, The Rub, Stick It...

I think you get the idea.

The band is signed to the aptly named Sphinxter Records.

Members of the band are called Mummy Cas (lead vocals), Edie Mummy (drums), Spaz (keyboards). K.W. Tut (bass), Ra (tenor sax) and Dr Mummy Yo (sax), among others.

Here Comes the Mummy play on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Juke Joint stage, and Monday at Delta stage.

Bluesfest Byron Bay will be held from April 9 to 14, 2020.