The fight to save the Tabulam Bridge
The fight to save the Tabulam Bridge

The fight to save the Tabulam Bridge

The Tabulam Bridge is under fire from the RTA earmarked for demolition if they get their way!

The residents of Tabulam are facing losing the State Heritage Listed Tabulam Bridge which for 111 years has serviced the residents of Tenterfield to Casino. The Road and Maritime Authority will be applying to have the Bridge taken off the State Historical Register to dismantle it use it for spare parts to maintain other bridges in the state, After a new bridge is built as part of the Ballina to Tenterfield bypass allowing B-Doubles to come through the area.

The Bridge is a De Burgh Truss Bridge built in 1902 it is the single longest wooden span bridge in the Southern Hemisphere and the only one in the Northern Rivers Region.

Shay Jansen is heading the campaign to help save the Bridge, we are a small community with a lot of fight and we are going to do all we can to help save the Bridge.

We have online petitions going and also will have paper petitions in shops as soon as we can. We have had an overwhelming support from people from all over the country and world via our group and page on Facebook "Say NO to Tearing down Tabulam Bridge" we had over 450 people join in less than 48 hours.

We realise the need for a new Bridge in the area and there are concerns with that, but why take down a vital part of our Heritage and History?

A meeting is being held on the 15th August at the Tabulam Community Hall from 3pm to 7pm all community members are welcome to come and ask questions and see what is happening and ask question and voice their concerns.

We really need the community support to save the Bridge.

Submissions can also be emailed and faxed to voice your concerns.