Tamara Smith on election day.
Tamara Smith on election day.

Greens candidate holds the lead in Ballina vote count

THE Greens' Ballina candidate Tamara Smith still looks set to win the seat, despite her primary vote dropping to 26.5% after pre-poll votes were counted.

Ms Smith said it was still too close to call and she would not declare victory until the NSW Electoral Commission had done the preference count.

Most election analysts are giving her the seat on the back of a preference deal with Labor's Paul Spooner who polled 24.8% of the primary vote, and a likely flow on from former Green Jeff Johnson who ran as an independent and polled 7.9%.

In Lismore, Thomas George has made a comeback with pre-polls bumping his vote up to 42.02% while the Greens candidate Adam Guise has dropped to 26.89%.

The ABC is saying the Nationals will hold the seat with 52.6% on a two-party preferred count.

However, the winding ways of the vote count on the Northern Rivers appears too much even for veteran election analyst Antony Green, who last night appeared to throw his hands up to some extent after realising the ABC's computer had a melt-down while trying to work out preference flows in Lismore and Ballina.

Writing on his blog, Mr Green said he had been trying to re-calculate preference flows in the seats when he accidentally corrupted the ABC's election database, leaving the website frozen.

Mr Green's heavily qualified estimates on the seats predict a Greens win in Ballina. However, there's no guessing Lismore just yet.