FUN: Revellers enjoy the props during Hot Dub Machine's show on New Year's Eve.
FUN: Revellers enjoy the props during Hot Dub Machine's show on New Year's Eve. Kirra Pendergast

The incredible stuff seen and heard at Falls Byron Bay

MUSIC festival are exceptional events, where reality is distorted by good music, interesting fashion choices, weather changes and a sense of 'anything goes' that makes them into special, memorable times in reveller's lives.

Here are some of the things we saw and heard at Falls Byron Bay last weekend:

  • Boat People: On Monday night, someone had the 'brilliant' idea of making his way to the front of the crowd on an inflatable boat, while crowd sailing (or surfing?).

The vessel was transported by the crowd so swiftly that by the time it made it near the main stage it gathered speed and ended up being dumped into the photographer's pit, just missing some members of the media crew covering the festival.

  • Shoeys: It has to be said, 'shoeys' (the novel tradition of drinking alcohol from a shoe, being your own or (gasp!) somebody else's) is one of the most disgusting Australian traditions of recent years and despite many attempts from members of the audience to entice artists to indulge in the art of 'shoeying', no artist attempted the feat on stage.
  • Rock-xedo: The 'rock-xedo' is back. Thank the musos for that. After a couple of years of male musicians donning disparaging outfits on and off stage, the 'black denim, black T-shirt with optional black felt hat' made a glorious comeback to Falls this year, which was somehow unfortunate given the hot and humid weather at Yelgun this year.
  • Gold winners: The honourable exception to the Rock-xedo rule was, of course, Client Liaison.

Always looking the part, their 1980s fashions were a breeze of cold and fresh air in the muggy hot mess that was Falls this year. Their gold outfits made them the best dressed artists of the whole festival.

  • Youngsters I: A tipsy man in his late teens, with a bright red face after hours under the sun and clearly under the influence approaches a young girl near the stage on Monday evening.

"Who's that dude on stage?" he asked. "Bernard Fanning, muso and true Aussie icon and if you don't know that, I don't know what you are doing here mate," she responded hastily. He walked away defeated and proceeded to Google search the artist in question.

An hour later, said young man and young lady were holding each other while singing Wish You Well.

All they needed was a touch of Fanning magic.

  • Youngsters II: A local reporter stopped to take a quick photo of the Ferris Wheel when he noted a young man, clearly drunk, looking at him.

"I hope you are here tomorrow to make sure this place gets cleaned up mate," he said, clearly worried about the environmental footprint of his night of debauchery.