MAMA-MAYHEM: Melbourne's The Mamas will be making an appearance at Mullum Music Festival.
MAMA-MAYHEM: Melbourne's The Mamas will be making an appearance at Mullum Music Festival. Contributed

The Mamas, sassy ladies of fem-hop are coming to Mullum

THINK sass-meets-soul and you have Melbourne's The Mamas.

Having first graced the music scene with their witty lyrics and "90's style R'n'B vibes" just two years ago, The Mamas are set to launch their first EP, Juicy, later this month after an appearance at Mullum Music Festival.

With fans having donated over $5000 to help with the launch, the Mullumbimby show will be the last of their much-hyped festival tour.

"It's pretty insane; I mean, look, we're not famous by any means but it's still that sense of, 'wow, people care enough,' they actively want to support you, which, as an artist, is everything you could ask for," 'Sugar Mama' Emilia Schnall explained.

"It's amazing, and wonderful and weird."

With their names inspired by 90's girl-power group, The Spice Girls, Sugar Mama is joined by 'Spicy Mama' Kaitlyn Secker, 'Saucy Mama' Abbey Rose and 'Smoky Mama' Isobel Caldwell.

"We were all in the same year together (at university) and within the first year we all found each other and became fast friends," Emilia said.

"And then the second year of uni, we got to go to New York as a study tour.

"I was actually kind of sick one day and I was laying in my dorm and the other Mamas came into my room and started singing, and like, they made up a song to make me feel better, and I started singing along with them and we were all kind of like, 'why isn't this a thing?'

"We didn't know when we started the band that it would be received as well as it has been.

"After our first gig, it was kind of different, personally, to anything I've been in where the response was immediate and people started talking about us, wanting to come to gigs."

Set to appear alongside a line-up packed with female talent, The Mamas are looking forward to bringing their music to Mullum.

"Being a female lead band and having people come up to us after gigs and saying how happy our gig has made them and how empowered they feel after our's amazing," Emilia said.

"We're four women standing there all glamorous, but we can make fun of ourselves and we are swearing, and we are talking about sex, and we are talking about consent and we are talking about things that might be taboo to talk about in normal, everyday society - and to be able to put a comedic twist to it, people want to come back because of the feeling you get...apparently.

"Having more female artists to play alongside it just kind of strengthens us in the industry."

Other female acts at Mullum include Thando, Kaiit and Caiti Baker.

"It's just generally a really good line-up," Emilia said.

With talk of a tour in 2019, Emilia said The Mamas have no plans of slowing down any time soon.

"It's crazy and it's scary and it's really exciting."

  • At Mullum Music Festival, you can catch The Mamas Friday November 15 at Bowlo from 7.30pm, Saturday November 16 at Courthouse from 6pm and Sunday November 17 at the High School from 12pm.