HORSE ESCAPED: Julie Hughes is unable to help her horse Emmy return home.
HORSE ESCAPED: Julie Hughes is unable to help her horse Emmy return home. Contributed

'The mongrels gave her away': Horse re-homed by council

SOUTH Burnett resident Julie Hughes could not afford the $800 impoundment fee from council after her horse escaped.

She was then angered to see South Burnett Regional Council advertising her horse available for free to a good home.

"I am not the richest person. I have had the horse for seven years and not once has she got out," she said.

"Now the mongrels are giving her away, why wont they give her back to me?"

Ms Hughes said their family horse, Emmy, escaped through a gate, which she has now fixed, 10 weeks ago.

Ms Hughes doesn't have any doubt it is her horse, with same markings, but was shocked at the condition it was in with a sunken in stomach and ribs exposed.

"She was a fat horse when she was at home and my kids vouch for that," she said.

"In two to three weeks she has lost all the condition, so what have they done to her?"

South Burnett Regional Council CEO Mark Pitt would not comment on the specifics of the case due to privacy reasons but said he believed the horse had been re-homed.

Mr Pitt said there was an impoundment fee and even when an owner could demonstrate proof of ownership, an animal could not be released without paying the fees.

"If the original person wants to reclaim the animal for free or if we re-home it back to the same place the same issues may persist," he said.

"It is never an easy process and there is always more than one side to the story."

Mr Pitt said the council had a strong working relationship with the RSPCA, complying with vet and health standards and the animals received appropriate care each day.